Weekly Sunday Update

This past week: So, since I am starting my weeks with Monday, I am going to try to do updates every Sunday evening. This week went well writing-wise. I almost made my goal of 14 hours and my word count crept up. As I said before, I needed a new POV character and I have fleshed him out a little and wrote a scene with this new character. It took me a little while to come up with a name, but I think I like what I settled on (at least for now).

Next week: I will shoot for my goal of 14 hours again and since I only have one test in school this week, that should be doable. One thing I will try to focus on this week is getting a lot more words down since I spent a lot of time brainstorming, outlining, and¬†back-story¬†writing this past week. I think I will try to write a section somewhere in the middle of where I ended writing last and the end of the book. I am also going to schedule non-educational reading time because I need to read more fiction. To improve your fiction writing, you have to read more fiction which is one thing I hear over and over from multiple sources (too bad textbooks don’t count for improving one’s fiction writing).

Book Suggestion: If you are writing, or just want to read about someone who is a writer, I highly suggest Stephen King’s, On Writing. It’s sort of a memoir of his life with some good writing advice. I will say, there are some things I don’t entirely agree with, but for the most part, it’s a book that deserves to be read by every budding author. And it’s entertaining.

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Weekly Goal and Website

I am a little behind on my writing goal for the week, but think I can make up the difference on the weekend. I did get a few things figured out with my outline and decided I need another character’s POV. Since none of my current characters fit this, I am fleshing out a new one. I am excited about the direction I’m going and will get some more actual writing done soon.

Also, I have created a new website which I am writing in and am trying to figure out how to integrate facebook with this site. I think I am done for now, but will probably edit some aspects later. I have added several progress bars so I can keep track of my writing goals.

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