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New Deadline for Draft

Posted by on May 7, 2014

My writing group has grown to include some great writers this year and we have started something new. We are now critiquing one novel at a time in my writing group, 15,000 words (roughly 40 pages) per meeting. After we finish going through the first novel, mine will be next. The soft deadline for me to be done is June 2nd, which I really want to make so people have plenty of time to read the first section. My hard deadline is June 11th. I will be editing after every meeting, fixing problems in one section and correcting future. After I go through this (most likely) grueling process, my novel will hopefully be clean enough and ready to submit to agents and editors by the end of summer, maybe even before if my group doesn’t find major problems. I now have a real deadline to finish my first book!